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Although I am predominantly a conceptual artist engaging in alternative projects, costume, installation, performance & subverted street art, I also use my art to capture the spirit of the world around me, to celebrate my environment, and to find & convey beauty. 


I discovered the vibrancy of marker on photo paper during a 2020 Covid art Zoom with Franceska McCullough in which we could work with whatever media we chose and I grabbed what was handy.  I was instantly hooked and adapted the media to my plein air style, drawing from life observation and imagination.


I began plein air painting in 2008 during the annual Augusta, MO plein air event.  My painting style is influenced more by my background & interest in decorative & fiber arts, especially Art Nouveau, than by formal training.  I prefer to work non-traditionally to convey the energy & spirit of being in the captive moment rather than depict an exact likeness or romanticized feeling of place.



I have always photographed things that catch my eye, especially the more mundane or overlooked those things might be.  I am particularly drawn to details of nature & sky and the view looking up.  I began printing more of my photography on alternative materials in 2014.  When printing on such materials, I perceive of each piece as an original one-of-a-kind fine artwork.



I create hand-beaded jewelry as a means of meditation and to convey my same interests in landscape, nature & pattern in another media outside of painting and photography.  Much of my beadwork has a strong ebb & flow coming to a central focal point and can relate to feminine & masculine.

I want to be remembered…. As someone who focused more on the journey than the destination.  As someone who was not afraid to take risks or push the envelope.  As someone who celebrated diversity in creativity and explored and tried new things, whether or not they were successful.  As someone who genuinely cared about art in all its forms, both as an artist and as a collector.  As someone who strove to make art accessible to people from a variety of walks of life, not just those in the institutions (higher education, museums, galleries, etc).  As someone who lived artfully.  As a genuine, honest and sincere person / woman / wife / being.

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